This is my fairy prom dress I have been working on for the display in the Belle rose in Nevada Missouri I do not sew at all but I wanted a fairy prom theme for the store window so I went and got 32 yards of tulle and a yard of some pretty fabric for the top and then got the staple gun and some wallpaper paste then cut out the top part pasted it on my dress form then stapled the tulle on for pretty skirt made some wings with lots of glitter and wallah a fairy dress now I am working on the rest of the display so when it is done I'll post the whole window, This is My first window display so I am having lots of fun :-)

My house in spring when my hydrangeas were still small I will post again this summer so you could see how huge they got and now they are all
Nico blue " just add vinegar in your soil for a cheep acid fix but mix with water or it will kill your plants lol! And yes the house is lavender ;-0